Re-acquainting With Friends/ Delicate Flowers

I had the pleasure a few days ago to visit anew with old friends who because of  circumstances have drifted apart. This photo is a closeup of a portion of a photo I took of some Queen Anne’s Lace… 5 tiny delicate flowers.

5 delicate flowers in various states of unfolding

5 delicate flowers in various states of unfolding


4 Responses to “Re-acquainting With Friends/ Delicate Flowers”

  1. Sarah Lewis Says:

    Hi Philip–
    The photo you sent is exquisite. We have a similar sensibility, because I have
    been shooting ( large format) flowers and plant forms (seed pods, etc.) for some
    years now. Keep me posted.
    It was great to see you and Roberta and Jean this past week.
    XX Sarah

  2. artistphilipherman Says:

    Maybe I can link my blog to a blog of your photos. It would be my first link.
    Flowers, seeds, pods… sublime designs.

  3. miriam Says:

    hey Philip,
    B. and i had a great time too and loved the stories and the laughter.
    your photo is so beautiful: i love the painterliness of it.
    it is so good to reconnect. let’s stay in touch and see each other more often.
    peace and love to you all.

  4. Jeanie Says:

    Beautiful as always philly! I too had a wonderful time seeing all of you.
    Yes, as Cass Montenegro pointed out…let’s make an effort to keep in touch and get together more often homies!


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