Milkweed Pods Open In Fall


slight Photoshop Paint Daubs effect, to make the silk shine

bleak New Jersey wood, day after Thanksgiving

turned photo sideways and applied Photoshop Watercolor effect

bleak New Jersey woods, day after Thanksgiving




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2 Responses to “Milkweed Pods Open In Fall”

  1. G.J.HERMAN Says:

    Very interesting,i never really

    examined milkweed pods

    but now i do remember them back east.


  2. roberta Says:

    Interesting how something receives it’s name….. Milkweed resembles anything but a Cow, or something you might stir into Tea.

    ingenious …how the plant somehow …designed a way to insure it’s own
    future by a fly away dance through the air …. rooting to destinations unknown….. like salmon eggs in the sea…

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