First skunk cabbage photos Spring 2010

Images are a bit different this season. We were ravaged by two recent storms, one blizzard and one rain. As a result, the cabbages are flooded and damaged. This is a perfect, rainy, foggy, dismal day.

skunk cabbage1skunk cabbage2skunk cabbage3skunk cabbage4skunk cabbage6skunk cabbage7skunk cabbage8skunk cabbage9


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2 Responses to “First skunk cabbage photos Spring 2010”

  1. Norm Says:

    Ahh! my favorite vegetable. Be good and I’ll send you the recipe.
    Hollywood works so hard to create these alien type of environments when in fact they are often in our own backyard, or at least close by.

  2. Bobbie Says:

    Your friend Norm has a way with words!

    These are beautiful. Phil, you oguht to also be a photographer for nature magazines. You know exactly what will look good.

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