Strangest Photos I Ever Took

thistle plant on bottom, dead wasp upper left, male mantid on right, female center/ photo is turned 90 degrees

BEST photo of pair of mantids mating on dead wasp on thistle plant

another view of pair of mating mantids

pair of tiny purple-green mantids mating on a dead wasp on a thistle plant

Hot Summer afternoon after torrential rains, very humid, what appears to be a pair of mating mantids ( some type of praying mantis ) with purple backs and green bodies, apparently mating on the body of a dead wasp, hanging on a thistle plant.



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3 Responses to “Strangest Photos I Ever Took”

  1. NORM Says:

    Hello young lovers
    Fiction, Spielberg, movie magic, who needs it? the real world is strange enough.

  2. artistphilipherman Says:

    When I consider the total chance that allows me, sometimes, if I’m lucky, to observe amazing stuff… Imagine all that goes on that is never observed by anyone ( human ).

  3. Bobbie Says:

    Wow! Phil this is really something! You are right about how much goes on that we do not see, in our huge, busy worlds!

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